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On Saturday, October 20, 2018, the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (OFSWCD) will officially celebrate the associations' 75th birthday, the "Diamond Jubilee!".  Officially created in law in October of 1943, the OFSWCD has used this year to celebrate the "Year of Conservation" and the tremendous conservation accomplishments done by Ohio's 88 soil and water conservation districts!

Formed from supervisors representing Ohio's first county Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) - Clark, Butler and Highland - for 75 years the OFSWCD has supported the work of Ohio's 88 SWCDs in an effort to provide locally-driven, voluntary focused solutions to natural resource concerns in rural, suburban and urban settings.
Today, the OFSWCD is led by 440 SWCD Supervisors from all 88 SWCDs.  These supervisors lead nearly 500 employees who provide invaluable service to landowners, farmers, developers, educators and many more thin the counties they represent. The OFSWCD and SWCDs partner with local, state, and federal partners to provide various programs and opportunities to the local constituency.

"I am humbled and honored to represent the OFSWCD," shared OFSWCD President Harold Neuenschwander, also a Holmes SWCD Supervisor. "I've experienced firsthand the conservation stewardship ethic that our districts demonstrate day-in and day-out in an effort to leave the land better for future generations. Taking care of our soil, our water and our resources is truly vital to living a good life. I am pleased we are doing things today that were envirioned 75 years ago -- and done with the same focus and vigor," concluded Neuenschwander.

Learn more about conservation efforts in Ohio by visiting the OFSWCD website at www.ofswcd.org

The mission of the Van Wert SWCD is to protect and conserve the natural resources for all residents by providing technical, educational, and financial assistance.

Van Wert County is located in northwest Ohio.  The county was founded in 1820 and is part of what was originally called the "Black Swamp". It was named after Isaac Van Wart, one of three captors of Major Andre, a famous spy of the American Revolutionary War.

The Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill No. 646 on May 16, 1941 providing for the organization of Soil Conservation Districts in Ohio.  Van Wert County was orgnized February 15, 1949. This made Van Wert County the 82nd District to form in Ohio. On February 11, 1964 the name was changed to Van Wert Soil and Water Conservation District. The SWCD is funded partially by the Van Wert County Commissioner's and the State of Ohio.


Some of the Van Wert SWCD partnership orgnizations are:

National Association of Conservation Districts

ODA, Division of Soil & Water Conservation

Natural Resources Conservation Service

ODNR Water Well Logs of Ohio

Ohio Federation of Soil & Water Conservation Districts

Last Updated: November 7, 2018

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